Triple Hall Karolina consists of two reconstructed listed buildings. In their functional times these buildings were used by the Žofín Iron and Steel Works and Karolina Coking Plant for industrial purposes. Standing in front of you today and wearing a new coat are the "Central Office – Sports Ground" and "Double Hall – Roofed Square".


Within this unique location we are prepared to offer and realise the following for your events:

  • Variable arrangement of the space (concerts, fairs, conference and theatre arrangement, stands, "airport tapes", barriers, fences);
  • Comprehensive sound and stage lighting technology;
  • Catering, stall sales;
  • Event security, personal guarding;
  • Preventive fire protection;
  • Medical services;
  • Storage space in the building basement 14 x 80-100 m2;
  • Staffing, provision of staff and temporary workers;
  • Electric central stations, heating, air heaters;
  • Mobile toilets and bathrooms;
  • Custom-made event management;



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